Bildmuseet, Umeå University, Sweden

Milieu Selfie

Workshop led by Erika Adamsson
March 2013
Participants: nine second-year photography students from the Arts Academy

Working points, each with a different environment, were built in the space of the Köysiratagalleria. Participants were free to choose in which role and environment they wanted to carry out their work. Various sorts of headdresses and props which allowed participants to immerse themselves in their roles were made available. The environments included options such as a busy street in Kabul, a seascape and a Finnish roadside scenery seen through the eyes of a trucker. Participants could also choose to work in a lovely coastal setting. Donning a straw hat, one could choose to paint a summery self-portrait with the help of a mirror. The milieu self-portraits were made with acrylic paints. Taking part in the workshops did not require previous experience of painting. Rather, the goal was for the workshop to be a refreshing and fun moment shared between the members of a work community.