Bildmuseet, Umeå University, Sweden

Contemporary Self-Portraits Kick off workshops, September 2012

Participants: Partners to the Contemporary Self-Portraits project

Me & Me

Workshop led by Hertta Kiiski, Marja Saleva & Lasse Peltola

The participants bring one photograph with them that is important to them and where they are portrayed themselves. The picture will be projected as a large background for the new picture on the studio wall. The participant will make contact with the old picture and choose how he or she wants to pose for the new picture. The pictures will be taken with a self-timer, whereby you cannot entirely control the moment the picture is taken. You can be alone or have the instructor with you when the picture is taken. Each person will take about ten pictures that are as different as possible. One of the images will be selected with the instructor and developed into a complete picture. Everyone’s pictures will be viewed and talked about in group in the final discussion. Each participant will get a paper draft of his or her picture to take away.

Autobiographical writing & Self-Portraits

Workshop led by Ilona Tanskanen

The workshop gives some perspectives and dimensions to autobiographical writing and to autobiographical genres. The participants produce an autobiographical raw text and use them to write a small poem – Haiku or Tanka. From autobiographical writing you get for example raw material to make pictures or texts and contact to your memory, experiences, perception, feelings, emotions and sensations. At the end of the workshop the participants had a 10 minutes writing session on one of the cardinal virtues.

Come as you are

Workshop led by Vesa Aaltonen

The self-portrait workshop offers you the opportunity to explore the concept of self-image. A picture of oneself may be surprising, differ from one´s own conception. The workshop deals with identity and self-esteem. No technical skills are needed. The experience might be liberating. You are free to decide what your self-portraits will be like at the moment the picture is taken.
Duration of the workshop is quite short, 15–20 min individually but can be treated as a starting point to move on. Only thing required is to be open-minded, ready to see yourself, feel and reflect.

Collage as Self-Portrait

Workshop led by Pia Bartsch

In my workshop we are dealing with virtues and their topicality in contemporary world. Of the seven virtues (prudence, justice, restraint, courage, faith, hope and love), every participant should choose the one that he/she feels is most important to build up in one’s own life. Workshop participants build a self-portrait collage as an allegory of the chosen virtue.

In the workshop you need a big dose of imagination and symbolism, a printed picture of yourself (preferable size about 20–30cm) and some of the following if you wish: photos, texts and pictures from newspapers or magazines, pieces of cloth, wallpaper, or other materials ‒ whatever you want to include to your collage.

Performative Self-Portrait

Workshop led by Leena Kela

In the workshop there will be some perfromative self-portrait exercises.