Bildmuseet, Umeå University, Sweden

Sessions: Self-Portrait and Self-Portrait

Workshop led by Jari Kallio, Antti Jussila and Antero Paavola in cooperation with Galleria Titanik
April 2013
Participants:five fine arts students, three teachers and anonymous participants

The videos of the Sessions work were shot in connection with a workshop held at the Arts Academy in the spring of 2013. Three ‘sessions’ were documented on video and audio tape. The starting point comprised a self-portrait, communality and the application of the introspection method. In practice, this meant brief speeches given from a small stage in front of the group without preliminary preparation. The speeches were roughly five minutes long. The sessions were recorded in the three different locations in which the workshop was held. Both the person who delivered the speech as well as the audience wore masks. The video works were exhibited in Titanik Gallery 4–8 June 2013.