A Community Self-Portrait

Workshop led by Pia Bartsch (Finland)
09. - 15. January 2013
Participants: NCAD Students: 2nd Year & MA in Fine Art Media, MA Painting & the Graduate Diploma in Socially Engaged Arts Practice, Young People from the Rialto Youth Project and Rialto-based Adult Art Group. Total 26
Location: Workshop based in the Art Studio in the F2 Neighbourhood Centre, Rialto with an exhibition in NCAD Gallery

The workshop opened up with a series of presentations by Rialto-based community workers, artists and activists to help orientate Pia and the NCAD students to Rialto. In her approach to the CSP workshop, Pia encouraged everyone to extend their ideas of self-portraiture, through use of mixed media, street art and photography. Her commitment to the principle of testing ideas in public space and in particular of re-appropriating notions of the monument meant that a lot of the work generated in the CSP workshop process extended into the public space in Rialto and the city.



Returning the Gaze: Contemporary Self-Portraits and Community

Workshop led by Pia Bartsch (Finland) with Miriam Keune & Sadhbh Lawlor (Dublin)
30. - 07. November 2013
Participants: NCAD Students: 3rd Year Fine Art Media & the MA in Socially Engaged Arts Practice, Young People from the Rialto Youth Project & the F2 Art Group Rialto with Sinead McDonald and the Rialto Documentary team with NCAD Fine Art Media student Louis Deacy. Total 28
Location: Workshop held in the Art Studio in F2 Neighbourhood Centre, Rialto and in the Fine Art Media Department, NCAD

This second workshop extended some of the multi media elements of the first CSP workshop by exploring blue screen and animation techniques as well as further engagement with public space in the local Rialto area. The strong connections made between the students and the young people from the Rialto Youth Project continued in this second workshop phase which introduced a strong pedagogical and skills sharing element between the media students, local artists, young people and the F2 Art Group, Rialto.