Bildmuseet, Umeå University, Sweden

Pārdaugava Self-Portraits

Workshop led by Andris Kozlovskis (LV)
November – December 2013
Location: Āgenskalns neighbourhood

Young people from the Āgenskalns, Torņakalns and Dzegužkalns areas created self-portraits in their own rooms, revealing the Pārdaugava neighbourhood (literally – over the Daugava river) and its inhabitants in all their diversity. Workshop leader Andris Kozlovskis took care of the technical side and gave each participant 20 minutes to take their self-portrait alone in their room. Each of the images also includes the view from the window, and the series provides insight into living spaces and urban diversity – from private houses to dorms, and from Khrushchyovkas to old wooden houses hiding in the yards.

Andris Kozlovskis (1975) works in the field of documentary photography, exploring social themes, individuals in their environments and the marks left by socialism. The experienced press photographer also teaches at the Riga Students’ Palace young people’s photo club.