Bildmuseet, Umeå University, Sweden


Workshop led by Vincen Beeckman (BE)
Location: Riga Central Bus Station and Imanta neighbourhood shopping centre
March 2013

Using the old, analogue photo booths (soon to be replaced by up-to-date digital versions) still found in the Central Bus Station and an Imanta Shopping Centre, passing Rigans and Riga visitors were invited to take a series of playful self-portraits. In this unexpected turn in their daily routine, men, women, teenagers, pensioners and families all showed their openness and creativity by challenging the usually standard format of a passport photo.

Vincen Beeckman is a key figure in the Brussels art scene, working at the Recyclart centre and as part of the BlowUp and O.S.T. collectives. His work is rooted in day-to-day life, sociocultural context and the use of public space.