Bildmuseet, Umeå University, Sweden

Self-portraits in many ways

Workshop led by 7 art education students: Matilda Ersson, Jens Garcia, Linda Henriksson, Emilia Hillman, Kajsa Holmberg, Pernilla Svensson & Anna Wikman in collaboration with the Faculty of Art and Pedagogics
06. November - 07. December 2012
Participants: 28 school groups, age 8-19 years approx. 560 pupils
Location: Bildmuseet, Umeå

The visiting school groups tried three different workshops:

  1. The participants made their own self-portrait in a photo studio – ordinary or dressed up and masked. To tell more about them selves they could draw, write and glue materials on the photo-copy. This was a way to show what is not visible in a photo – maybe what is inside wanting to come out? Dreams about the future, hopes and desires.
  2. Foam sculptures – the school pupils were asked to do a inner monster and explore the ugliness inside. The purpose was to make a more abstract portrait of your self.
  3. Sound portrait – the school pupils could leave a sound or tell a story or a secret. In the presentation it was anonymous and the voice was changes digitally.


Portrait of your Senses

Workshop led by Micaela Adolphsson, Gallery educators Karin Jonsson, Gallery educators, Pär Wretling, Music teacher
09., 16., 22., 29. January 2013
Participants: Five school groups, with pupils age 10, totally 102 children
Location: Bildmuseet, Umeå and HumLab X, Umeå University

In this process based workshop the participating children made abstract self-portraits using their senses. The asked them selves “what colour am I today? What scent? How do I sound?” etc. They were to fill their own box and make inner room by choosing from a variation of materials like coloured paper, fabric, fur, cut outs from magazines, sent bottles. In the sound workshop they could make different sounds from instruments and electronical devises.


To work autobiographically

Writing workshop led by Ilona Tanskanen, lecturer, Finnish language and communication
Photo workshop led by Marielle Nylander, Photo artist and Regional Visual Arts Co-ordinator, Region of Västerbotten and Lisa Lundström, Museum curator of Education Bildmuseet and Academie of Arts, Umeå University
13. February 2013
Participants: 11 art students and artists from Umeå
Location: Bildmuseet, Umeå and HumLab X, Umeå University

A workshop for artists and art students including autobiographical writing and photography workshops. Ilona Tanskanen inspired the participants in creative writing from memories and how to use fragments in tanka verse and other ways. The Photo workshop was inspired by Jo Spance Photo Theatre/Photo Therapy and the workshop in Turku called Me & Me. The participants were asked to use fragments of their texts and combine them visually with childhood pictures and projections. During the day there was also a presentation by the visual artist Johannes Samuelsson from Umeå. One of the purposes for the workshop was to encourage the participants to apply for the ISSP summer school.


Teacher workshop

Workshop led by Anna Jonsson and Sara Rylander, Faculty of Art and Pedagogics, Umeå University, Bildmuseet, Umeå
07. July 2013
Participants: 10 art teachers

This creative workshop was held a few days after the summer break. Its purpose was to give the inspiration for their work with high school pupils on how to use different medias and methods when doing self-portraits with school groups. Drawing, digital photos, collage, writing, projections, were some of the technics used. Also discussions on how sensitive it and be working with your self and your identity. You never know what comes up.


Children make their mark

During the winter and spring of 2014 Bildmuseet and Idéan (the development centre for pre-schools and compulsory schools, Umeå Municipality) made a major initiative to offer further education for pre-school teachers who want to work with self-portraits for very young children. They could choose from seven different workshops held by Bildmuseet and Idean. Later at the pre-schools, the teachers then continued to work with the children on the subject of self-portraits.

The aim of the project is to highlight the youngest children in the 1-5 age group, as well as their creativity and innovation, in the public domain too. Many of the preschools are presenting their results in exhibitions in libraries and other public spaces around Umeå between 19-31 May.


Family day

The project Children make their mark concluded with a large family event on 24 May, when Bildmuseet’s creative workshop will move outdoors. Around 450 children and parents took part in various creative activities relating to the subject of self-portraits.

All in all about 500 preschool teachers and child minders from more than 40 pre-schools participated in the further education project. Based on this it has reached 2272 children in Umeå municipality.


Three different workshops for preschool teachers at Bildmuseet


How to make self portraits with the youngest? A workshop focusing on the process and the investergation.
Workshop led by Maria Sundström, artist and gallery educator
27. February, 18. and 25. March 2014
Participants: total 45 pre-school teachers

The feelings under the surface

Creative photo portraits and collages
Workshop led by Denise Mångsén – art and media educator
13. February, 11. and 13. March 2014
Participants: total 45 pre-school teachers

Sensory portraits

Self portrait of our emotions and our five senses Which odours, sounds, flavours and colours best represent me?
Workshop led by Micaela Adolfsson and Karin Jonssonr
06. and 11. February, 27. March 2014
Participants: total 45 pre-school teachers