Bildmuseet, Umeå University, Sweden

Self-portraits in many ways

Workshop led by 7 art education students: Matilda Ersson, Jens Garcia, Linda Henriksson, Emilia Hillman, Kajsa Holmberg, Pernilla Svensson & Anna Wikman in collaboration with the Faculty of Art and Pedagogics
06. November - 07. December 2012
Participants: 28 school groups, age 8-19 years approx. 560 pupils
Location: Bildmuseet, Umeå

The visiting school groups tried three different workshops:

  1. The participants made their own self-portrait in a photo studio – ordinary or dressed up and masked. To tell more about them selves they could draw, write and glue materials on the photo-copy. This was a way to show what is not visible in a photo – maybe what is inside wanting to come out? Dreams about the future, hopes and desires.
  2. Foam sculptures – the school pupils were asked to do a inner monster and explore the ugliness inside. The purpose was to make a more abstract portrait of your self.
  3. Sound portrait – the school pupils could leave a sound or tell a story or a secret. In the presentation it was anonymous and the voice was changes digitally.