Bildmuseet, Umeå University, Sweden

Portrait of your Senses

Workshop led by Micaela Adolphsson, Gallery educators Karin Jonsson, Gallery educators, Pär Wretling, Music teacher
09., 16., 22., 29. January 2013
Participants: Five school groups, with pupils age 10, totally 102 children
Location: Bildmuseet, Umeå and HumLab X, Umeå University

In this process based workshop the participating children made abstract self-portraits using their senses. The asked them selves “what colour am I today? What scent? How do I sound?” etc. They were to fill their own box and make inner room by choosing from a variation of materials like coloured paper, fabric, fur, cut outs from magazines, sent bottles. In the sound workshop they could make different sounds from instruments and electronical devises.